A downloadable game for Windows

Have you ever thought how it is for an AI to make decisions on the credibility of important life topics? TRUTH: automated gives you this one in a lifetime chance!

Recommended resolution: 1920x1080


  1. Birds appear on the screen, carrying messages. 
  2. You can decide if you let the message pass or not:
    1. Click on a bird to kill a message.
    2. Do nothing to let the message pass.
  3. Identify false messages and let true ones pass.
  4. Some messages are for you to decide if they are true or not. 
  5. According to your decisions the ending of the game changes.

Made during a GDS 2020 game jam.

Authors: Yulia Malkova, Jakub Svoboda, Jan Kočur

Link: https://we.tl/t-mbbua3eAQy


truth-automated.rar 14 MB
truth-automated.zip 19 MB

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